The Need

Providing a portable solution to homelessness, such as a shower and laundry unit, has been an idea of Project WeHOPE Chairman, Morris Chubb, and Co-Founder Paul Bains for quite some time. For Chubb, this project has been particularly near and dear.

When a similar concept was launched in San Francisco during the summer of 2014 and with the closure of key emergency shelters, Chubb knew that it was time to turn the idea into more of a reality.

In his own words, Chubb explains why Dignity On Wheels is important and how others can help:

“I was once told by a previously homeless man that he avoided contact with the general public because he knew how his presence would offend them in his unclean state.”

“Imagine how this mindset disempowers the homeless. Not only does it keep them from seeking gainful employment, but they also avoid taking care of their personal health. This initiative hopes to change this for the homeless…”

“We’ve already been given gifts of soap and towels, but we are also looking for volunteers who will be needed to coordinate the activities on the trailers; drivers, nurses and case managers who will staff the trailers, and donations that will help the ongoing operations of the trailers.”

Current Needs Of Dignity On Wheels

Dignity on Wheels is looking for ongoing funding to help operate two shower and laundry trailers at up to $100K per yer. We are also looking for funders to help with expanding Dignity on Wheels to other areas of California where there are needs.

Collecting Gifts And Donations

We accept cash, credit cards and checks. For online contributions we use two secure and trusted crowd-funding platforms called Razoo and CommitChange. To learn more about what is still needed, visit our Support Us page.

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