Locations and Schedule

Each 4-hour operation session may provide up to 30 showers, and up to 14 single loads of laundry.

Showers and laundry is on a first-come first service basis at each location. First time users of the facility are asked to read and sign a waiver, as well as fill out a client profile form. Unless posted at a specific site, each patron may use the shower room for 15 minutes total, which includes a 7-minute timed hot shower. Towels, bathmats and shower/body soap are provided.

Laundry is limited to only 1-2 pairs of pants, about 3 t-shirts, undergarments and socks. Each patron is given a mesh bag to place their belongings inside, and may fill only halfway to allow proper movement inside the bags for washing and drying inside the machines.

If you have further questions about specific locations below, please contact us at .